Grindstopher Productions Anniversary Tee

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"From humble beginnings.  

8 years ago, I started a project called "Grindstopher Productions".  I only had one camera, and filmed local bands that I've wanted to help support, by providing them with live footage (I didn't always ask for permission to film, but it usually worked out well for everyone).  
This is the first design I ever had specially made, just for this project.  This design has always been special to me, and it's even featured as an intro clip for some footage, to this day.  I can't thank Mike Majewski enough for making this design a reality.
Over the years, I've had people asking for this particular design.  It's been out of circulation, since 2011...until now.  
If you missed out on the initial run, or if yours is just showing extreme wear and tear over the years, here's your chance to grab a new one.  This will be the last time I'll provide this design, so grab one now, or miss out on it forever."

Printed on 100% cotton GIldan tee.